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  •  Yenne's Amazing L.A Colours ~ An Authentic Kikay's Haven - YENNE'S AMAZING L.A COLOURS ENTERPRISES offers a wide variety of authentic U.S.A products that takes care for everyone from head to toe. What's good with this shop is that we are assured that all products are direct from the United States and they are proven to be authentic making us feel secured that we will get the effect that we long for, and we are making the most of what our money can buy.
  •  Here's An Invitation For Aspiring Photographers From Red Ognita - RED OGNITA is a multi awarded INTERNATIONAL FINE ARTS PHOTOGRAPHER who was born in Manila but is now based in Beijing. Although he has not attended formal education on photography, he has achieved a very natural and authentic approach when it comes to his own genre of specialty in photography. He is well known for his impeccably amazing BLACK and WHITE FINE ART LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY. It is indeed a very rare chance to have the previledge to be invited to a workshop for this genre of fine art photography in which Red Ognita is the speaker of such an activity.... 
  • "Simpleng Pinay" Lending A Big Hand With Her Simple Ways -  Now, isn’t Miss Macel an epitome of a Filipina that we all should look upon? Be proud of who you are, make your hobbies be a worthwhile thing that can help others… because simple ways may give big helpful results. Yan ang Pinay!
  • Halo- halo De Iloko 8th. Year Anniversary Summary of Events - April 18, 2012 marked Halo- halo De Iloko's 8th. Year Anniversary. As part of the celebration, the management have started their art show entitled, "Ninuno ArtShow at Halo- halo De Iloko" last March 20, 2012. The art show aims to promote paintings and art works by Filipino artists...
  • Halo- halo De Iloko- More Than Just Your "Halo- halo"... -  Last April 18, 2012 (oh, that was yesterday... lol!) marked their 8th. year of serving their all authentic and original menus, with the loving sparks of their own family's hospitality. One thing I noticed that is really authentic which I only had the chance to enjoy at Halo- halo De Iloko is their very "family- like" way of mingling with their various clients. They are able to treat everyone who walks in their place they call "Balay" like a member of their family. 
  •  NORTH KOREA's Message to The United Sates (Only?...) The United States warned North Korea to stop the launch and President Barack Obama, warned that "treaties are binding. Rules will be enforced. And violations will have consequences." Lately, they have informed the world that the "consequences" might be the sudden decision of the United States that they will no longer deliver the food that they have agreed on in the past month, and this would leave the people of North Korea hungry.