Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yenne's Amazing L.A Colours ~ An Authentic Kikay's Haven!

For most women, it is so irritating to spend so much time looking for make- ups and skin care products to satisfy their myriad needs when it comes to total self care. We can not deny the fact that it is always so tiring to go hopping from one mall to another only to make us realize that what we are looking for is not available. Some of my female friends would even go far from their own respective places just to buy the make up or "kikay" product that truly satisfy them.

At some point, I am one of those victims who would even go to another city just to buy products like Maybelline Dual Powder Foundation... this product may be available at the mall near our place but to my dismay, my shade is out of stock. That is why I was really excited when I learned that my best friend is opening a one stop shop where every woman could find a wide array of the rare products that most of the Filipina women would love to buy and use because of their efficacy. I would like to introduce to you YENNE'S AMAZING L.A COLOURS! This is just a one stop shop that every girl or woman is truly wishing for!

Here are some of their products:

YENNE'S AMAZING L.A COLOURS ENTERPRISES offers a wide variety of authentic U.S.A products that takes care for everyone from head to toe. What's good with this shop is that we are assured that all products are direct from the United States and they are proven to be authentic making us feel secured that we will get the effect that we long for, and we are making the most of what our money can buy.

We never have to hop from mall to mall anymore just to buy the pieces of skin care and make- ups that we long for from the United States! YENNE'S AMAZING L.A COLOURS ENTERPRISES will open its doors to all customers of any kind TOMORROW (SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2013) at 2nd Floor NEPO ROBINSON'S MALL, ARELLANO STREET, DAGUPAN CITY. BE A PART OF THE GRAND OPENING and EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! HAPPY SHOPPING FOR BEAUTY AND GOODNESS at YENNE'S AMAZING L.A COLOURS - truly a kikay's haven! See YOU there! :)

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