Saturday, April 14, 2012

NORTH KOREA's Message to The United States (Only?...)

       The hand that "holds" the world, are the hands that can hold not only the United States and Iran, but US ALL... (Image courtesy of Dan/
Although the launching of a massive missile by North Korea failed for lift off, there seem to be a violation of a vital International Agreement. Let us be reminded (or even be informed for some) that the North Korea has made agreement with Washington in the past month to stop Uranium enrichment and missile tests in exchange for the United States to deliver 240,000 tons of food to sustain their nation. 

History will show us that many times before, the United States could not have so much to do about these activities which were and are still being done. This is a very alarming message to the most powerful nation in the world and a very strong message to all the regimes who are planning to start a nuclear program of their own. 

The United States warned North Korea to stop the launch and President Barack Obama, warned that "treaties are binding. Rules will be enforced. And violations will have consequences." Lately, they have informed the world that the "consequences" might be the sudden decision of the United States that they will no longer deliver the food that they have agreed on in the past month, and this would leave the people of North Korea hungry. This is an evidence that they could let their whole nation suffer just to "put on" what the "few" have decided to put on.

Is this only a message to the United States that they could no longer be the most powerful nation, and Iran that they could go on with their own plans of their own nuclear programs? Or is this a message to the world? Is this something to show us all that some people can manipulate everyone because of innovations that some people call "for development" or "for their own nation's protection"... yet it could leave the whole world in danger, helpless and hungry (not only for food, but also for security) even of their own nation that they claim they long to "protect". Whatever the real reason is, what we all could see is some kind of world manipulation... or is it just me wondering why they have a budget for a nuclear program but have the need for an aid for food?

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