Self Help

  • Who Is The HATER Now? - So, how can we identify haters? one can never classify anyone who hates them as a “hater” if a person hates them for some justified and warranted reasons. “JUSTIFIED” is the word, justified means proven, matured, and legitimate reasons that provoked some people to hate others. 
  • How to Keep Your WIFE HAPPY (For Good Husbands... and Wives Too) - “… I wish I could have five lives. Then I could have been born in five different towns, and eaten five times’s worth of food, and had five different careers, and fallen in love with THE SAME PERSON FIVE TIMES…” This is a quote sent to me through a text message from a good friend few days ago, and it made me laugh and think twice. Would a married man tell these things whole heartedly after marrying the woman he fell in love with?
  • Stay Beautiful On A Budget - It is a reality that although we were brought up not to judge others with their physical appearance, we can’t deny the fact that physical appearance is the one thing that we see first in a person.
  • How To Look Good On Your Graduation Day -  Of course, you wish to look your best on that day no one would love to keep their own images that they would dare not look at some years from now...
  • Mending A Soul (Forgive... and Forget?) - Keeping your own hatred is like keeping baggage of rocks in you own life's journey.