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By: DjBryle

What Makes The "RIPPLES OF KOI"...

RIPPLES are small waves that can be caused by even the most minute action but can affect the world or even the universe ~ this is the "RIPPLE EFFECT" theory.

KOI (a. k. a Cyprinus carpio or the "common carp") is a species of fish from the family Cyprinidae. Although they are very common, they posses some extraordinary characteristics that can not be noticed in other common types of fishes. They are well known in Japan and other Asian cultures due to their ability to swim in any water current and even against the flow of water falls.

According to Japanese legend, if a KOI is successful in swimming upstream against the water falls, they will reach a point called The Dragon Gate which is believed to be at the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a DRAGON. And if they are not successful enough, they are able to face their own death bravely like a Samurai. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration, perseverance especially in times of adversity, and courage. They posses an ability to swim in any type of water conditions, may it be in calm or storm, without being distracted or deterred as if they are on a very important mission. In our day to day living, this is symbolic of bravery and an absolute display of power. 

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