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(a. k. a DjBryle/ DjBryle Works) is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book "Life's Battles and Splendor". A former Clinical and Classroom Instructor, and now a full time home maker, part time freelance web content article/blog writer and entrepreneur.

Welcome to the RIPPLES of KOI, where the author would love to share what she lacks (at some points in her own life's struggles) no matter how ironic it may sound ~ she believes that she could impart what's missing within her.  She wishes to inspire and give strength to people and would love to be treated the same when she feels like her world has gone out. She hopes that everyone who reads and benefit from this site to pay forward whatever this site has done in their own life. Happy ripples creating! ~ because a single small act of goodness can send ripples of love and happiness to the world! 

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