Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Most (if not all) aspiring photographers may have heard of or even admire RED OGNITA in one way or another. For some, who may not know or heard about him, let me share with you some details about this well renowned very talented photography artist.

RED OGNITA is a multi awarded INTERNATIONAL FINE ARTS PHOTOGRAPHER who was born in Manila but is now based in Beijing. Although he has not attended formal education on photography, he has achieved a very natural and authentic approach when it comes to his own genre of specialty in photography. He is well known for his impeccably amazing BLACK and WHITE FINE ART LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY. It is indeed a very rare chance to have the previledge to be invited to a workshop for this genre of fine art photography in which Red Ognita is the speaker of such an activity.

This is a great chance for every aspiring Fine Art Landscape Photographer to attend a workshop with a well renowned, multi awarded artist. Please spread the word ~ In cooperation with the HUKBONG LITRATISTA ng LA UNION everyone is invited to a two day intense workshop with RED OGNITA on October 26 and 27, 2013 at the Surfing Capital of Northern Luzon (specifically at Rose Bowl Steak House and Restaurant, Bauang La union). See you there!

Here are some of Red Ognita's Black and White Fine Art Landscape Photography Samples (courtesy of
Ephemera by Red Ognita
17 Arches by Red Ognita