Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 50 Years HAVAIANAS! ... Cheers For Our Happy Feet!

Who does not love Havaianas? Oh, if you don't, then your feet misses 3/4 of comfort that it craves! "Havaianas" is a Portuguese language which means "Hawaiians". Their flip flop manufacture started out in Hawaii in the year 1962 with their own original designs derived from the serene design of Japan. They never failed to stand out with their 100% rubber formula which remains a "secret" exclusive only for Havaianas up to this moment and each design they make is inspired by the exuberant colors and great culture of the Hawaiians. From then, Havaianas became the ORIGINAL CHILD OF EASTERN ZEN and the undefeated EASTERN JOY.
Image courtesy of Havaianas Philippines
Today, we are about to celebrate 50 years of HAVAIANAS giving comfort to every step anyone who wears it all over the world. Hurray to Havaianas who live up to their promise for the best STYLE, COMFORT, LUXURY and never failing to give us POSITIVE ENERGY. It is a part of our daily struggle with life... and hey, simple things as flip flops make our day to day busy life easier to manage, right?
Image courtesy of Havaianas Philippines
In connection with their 50 years celebration, Havaianas Philippines launched the MAKE YOUR OWN HAVAIANAS 2012 (a. k. a MYOH2012) last May 10, 2012 at the ROCKWELL TENT  which started at 10am and goes on onwards until May 14, 2012. The launch of this celebration was attended by people from the mass media, celebrities, models, businessmen and people from almost all walks of life. Great food were served with style accompanied with comfort that tickled every taste buds... just like what the feet enjoys when we use the best flip flops! Oh, of course, we all love Havaianas!

Here are some images for more of the event and more of the designs that I love from Havaianas.

...with foods we love... 


... and the latest designs I personally love and are really on my wish list! hehe!

(All images are courtesy of Havaianas Philippines. )

HAPPY 50 YEARS HAVAIANAS! Mabuhay!!! Our feet  and WE will love you ALWAYS! Cheers! =) 
For more details on the MAKE YOUR WN HAVAIANAS 2012 events, please check out and LIKE the official Havaianas Philippines  facebook. Thank You!

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