Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pope's Butler Under Arrest - DID A "SPY" REALLY ENTER THE VATICAN?
Image courtesy of ABC News

This is really a shocking news! Pope Benedict's personal butler was arrested who allegedly "stole" essential documents from the Vatican files. According to the latest news which was aired earlier last Friday, the Pope's personal butler whom he trusted and has taken cared of his every need was believed to have stolen some secret documents from the Vatican,  and allegedly "leaked" secret vital information, is now suspected to be a "spy" and is now detained. 
For the first time in history, this true to life experience reminds us of some fiction that the Vatican have detested some years back. It gives me chills, because this sounds familiar, right? Anyone who have read the famous and most talked about book by DAN BROWN and the "detested" movie in 2006 which starred TOM HANKS (as Robert Langdon) and AUDREY TAUTOU (as Sophie Neveu), entitled the "DA VINCI CODE" would feel some kind of enormous chills... maybe coupled by some ridicule or even ridiculous thoughts. Here is a short review of the famous movie:

 Of course, we should always remember that anyone who is a suspect and is now detained is not guilty unless proven otherwise by law through legal practice and proceedings. The butler, however, is believed to be "used" as a "scape goat" by some people who are of higher rank than him for "some actions" that "could allegedly harm" the stability of Vatican. Whatever it is that has truly happened, no conclusion have been stated up to now, only speculations. It makes me wonder with curiousity... could there be true to life "Sir Leigh Teabing" who is using the butler like "Silas"...? Happy Sunday everyone!


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