Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who Is The HATER Now?

Image courtesy of "Payong Kaibigan"
Oh, I am laughing… every time I log in to a social networking site, I seem to notice that almost every day, some people would post and share something or anything about “HATERS”. Hey, what are “haters” anyway, and what are they made of? Are we really their “victims” or are we just enjoying to pretend that the people we call our “haters” really hate us so much?

Haters according to the urban dictionary are people who simply cannot be happy for another person's success. They develop a strong dislike for another by just basing from their own opinion on personal or subjective judgment rather than objective merit. A hater's contempt commonly arises from jealously, resentment and denial that some people could be much better than them. TAKE NOTE though that people who hate others for JUSTIFIED reason can NEVER be LEGITIMATELY classified as haters, although some people try so hard to justify their immature tendencies by doing so.

So, how can we identify haters? Take note that according to JASON COOLEY a Yahoo Network contributor, haters do not necessarily hate you, but they hate you doing better than them. Their official creed is, “I wish you well just don’t do better than me.” Does that sound familiar to you? LOL! Oh, it sounds so familiar to me. *Sometimes identifying a hater can be hard because the hater is often someone who has been close to you for a long time and is in your close circle of friends. The hater is often someone who you think highly of because they have been right there for you whenever you were down and out. You must think hard about these times and wonder if they were there to seriously help you or is it possible that they were there when things were bad because they secretly enjoyed seeing you down? … So, now I am laughing really really hard!!! Wahahahaha!

Here are the *“signs and symptoms” of being a HATER: 

  • Haters do not want you to be happy, your happiness is their own poison… like a lethal injection that runs so fast in their blood so they try so hard to find ways to put you down by inventing negative stories about you.
  • Haters roam around talking to every people they could deceive and make them believe of the fictional stories they make and of course, the number one villain is no other than YOU. Take note, THEIR STORY IS AUTHENTICALLY FICTIONAL… wehehehe! Oh, I love that!
  • Haters stories of you as the villain makes you look so crazily desperate, but unknowingly, the people who are intelligent enough to analyze and get the chance to listen to the hater’s “masterpiece” knows inside their head how desperate the storyteller (a. k. a The Hater) is. Hmmmmm… so pathetic! You know damn well, stories like your own lawyer would put you inside your own room right inside your own house because you acted immaturely crazy???! Does the story fit? Oh, come to think of this: Even hired lawyers by real criminals will not allow their own clients be put to jail. LMAO! Hihihi! Laugh, laugh, laugh… Come on, your own slip of the tongue irregularities are manifestations of your own lying habits, or is that really your hobby?!... lol!
  • Haters claim that the people they hate are putting them down just because they do not have some things like wealth, education or anything under the sun that they crave yet you have them. Hey, hey, hey, lines like “Oh, you put me down just because you are…. And I am just…” sounds so familiar. Analyze the line, and you could interpret that these people hate you for something you have that they could not just grab. This is not just a sign of being a hater, it is also a sign of self insufficiency and insecurity.
  • They hate you because they claim that you trample their own human rights… yet they do not realize that they are trampling on other people’s rights too. Lines like “Hey you are getting my sandwich!” being shouted at you while they are getting from your own lunch box! LOL!
  • Haters are people who seek God’s forgiveness but they manifest a character and even verbalize their own inability to forgive others. They choose to live in misery because they take care and give so much value to hatred in their hearts and of course they would love you to be miserable as they are. So what they do is provoke you to hate them too so that they could tag you as their own haters, even declaring you as their “fans” to satisfy their insecure ego. Oh, by the way, fans are people who look up to you because you are worthy of their respect. And let us go back to the legitimate definition of a hater, that one can never classify anyone who hates them as a “hater” if a person hates them for some justified and warranted reasons. “JUSTIFIED” is the word, justified means proven, matured, and legitimate reasons that provoked some people to hate others. An example is a very good evidence with legitimate people to prove that this or that person has been or is gossiping some crazy lies about you… oh, but never mind, forgive this “author” of your fiction stories, because he is just violating your morality and you could introduce them how much "moral damages" really weigh in your own country’s applications of law on the civil code.  And even the lawyer whom he is accusing to have locked you in your own room right in your own house could sue him for accusing him of a thing that he has not done..Hek hek hek!!!! And whatever your "stories" are, wait til this hater sees himself on a large image reflector of what really happened on the day he is claiming that you were "locked" by your own lawyer in your own room. Oh, what kind of lawyer is that? No lawyer who truly passed the BAR EXAMINATION and who is in his good presence of mind would do that to his own client unless he would wish to lose his own client or his hard earned license. lol! What a shame to the one who talks of this hearsay.
So now, we have a little bit of what haters are… SO, WHO IS THE HATER NOW? Keep this in mind, YOU ARE DEFINED BY YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND WORDS, no matter how you define who and what you are made of, YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND VERBAL EXPRESSIONS ARE UNCONSCIOUS MANIFESTATIONS OF SHOUTING TO THE WORLD WHO AND WHAT YOU REALLY ARE.  
*according to Jason Cooley, a Yahoo Network Contributor since 2005